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KC Water’s wastewater system serves an area of about 320 square miles.  Wastewater collection and treatment services are provided to approximately 166,000 customers inside and outside Kansas City on a retail basis and agreements with 27 surrounding communities and sewage districts on a contractual basis. KC Water maintains sanitary sewers and combined sewers, 40 wastewater pumping stations, 15 flood pumping stations, 3 effluent pumping stations and 6 wastewater treatment plants.  The combined sewers transport both sanitary flows and, during rainfall events, stormwater flows.  The combined sewers serve an area south of the Missouri River of about 56 square miles. All wastewater transported to KC Water’s treatment plants receives secondary treatment in compliance with federal and state environmental regulations.

Like other cities across the country, KC Water is in the process of implementing a 25-year federally-mandated Overflow Control Program (OCP). This program, Smart Sewer, has received national attention for being among the first to incorporate significant green solutions.

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