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50 for 50 Earth Day Cleanup Challenge

Big or little. Young or old.  One hour or one day.  We can all help keep our waters cleaner. Wednesday, April 22nd is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. To celebrate, KC Water is inviting 50 groups and/or classrooms to make our community cleaner by picking up litter in our 50 for 50 Challenge.

Participating in the 50 for 50 Challenge is easy.

*Choose a location that is convenient, safe, and accessible. Classroom groups should consider cleaning up around school property while other groups should consider cleaning up a park or along a bike trail. (If needed, KC Water can provide a cleanup site suggestion.)
*Pick a day between April 1 and May 31 to take your group out to the pickup site.
*Fill out the registration form below to let us know where you’ll be and when.  We can also provide gloves and/or trash bags.
*On your selected day, collect as much litter as you can and properly dispose of it.
*Once you’ve completed the 50 for 50 Challenge, send us a group picture and let us know approximately how many pounds of trash you collected.

Thank you!  We appreciate your participation.

Please complete the form below.  If you have any further questions please send them to

    Registration Form

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    Event Date

    Location of Cleanup

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    What do you need?
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