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Missouri River Changes May Affect Water Taste & Odor, Water Safety & Quality Not Affected

Posted on February 27, 2014

(Kansas City, Mo.) — Kansas City Water Services advises customers that recent warm temperatures and upriver precipitation have changed the characteristics of the Missouri River, which may affect the taste and odor of tap water. These changes are natural and routine occurrences which occur when rain and snow melt increase the amount of clay and silts carried by the Missouri River, the source of Kansas City’s drinking water. Other cities located along the Missouri river are also experiencing the same temporary issue.

Depending on each individual’s unique sense of smell and taste, customers may or may not notice slight natural changes such as earthy and musty odors and other natural flavors, as well as a slight greenish tint in drinking water. The compounds which cause these changes come from nature and do not cause health issues.

Kansas City Water Services performs continuous monitoring and extensive laboratory testing of the drinking water that is supplied throughout Kansas City to ensure that safe water is delivered to customers and that it meets all state and federal drinking water safety requirements, as well as the high water quality standards established by Water Services on behalf of our customers. It is expected that the seasonal changes in drinking water will pass within 5-7 days.

For questions about seasonal water changes, please contact the Kansas City Water Services Laboratory at 816.513.7000 or

Additional information can be found in the “Your Drinking Water: Seasonal Taste, Odor, and Color Changes” document, which can be found online HERE.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Kincaid, Media Relations Coordinator, at or 816.513.0284.


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