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KC Water Saves Thousands of Dollars in Energy Costs

Posted on February 16, 2017

(Kansas City, Mo.) – How closely do you review your monthly bills? A line-by-line analysis could find savings you didn’t know existed.

That’s how KC Water’s Wastewater Treatment Division realized hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual savings.

Energy is the biggest expense for KC Water, and Joel Sendra, Wastewater Division Manager, wanted to find ways to cut those costs. He and his staff worked with KCP&L to review the billing for the Blue River Primary Building and Solids Handling Facility. The initial review resulted in modest savings. The second annual review, completed in 2016, uncovered $376,000 in annual savings.

In 2016, the same Division replaced the lighting in areas of the Blue River Wastewater Treatment Plant. That investment improved the safety of the workers by providing a more well-lit work area. And, the savings from the new LED lights combined with an energy rebate means the project will pay for itself in five and a half years.

“KC Water is committed to making smart decisions,” said KC Water Director Terry Leeds. “Energy is our biggest expense and we will continue to look for ways to reduce that cost. I appreciate the efforts made by the Wastewater Treatment Division to cut our electrical costs.”

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